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Welcome to "THE OILY ARK"

  I am a Young Living Essential Oils and Wellness Products Wholesale Independent Distributor!  I use almost all of our products myself and for my companion and show dogs and cats. Young Living is the WORLD LEADER and ORIGINAL Essential Oil Company, in business around the world for over 24 years. Owning their own farms and strict partner farm management with their SEED-TO-SEAL process I know their products quality and purity can be trusted. Never sacrifice quality for price when using essential oils and products with your animals! Purity is a must for their safety. I fully trust Young Living.

Please visit my dedicated website for information on Young Living Products for your wellness journey, your clean green home needs, essential oils & infused products for family and pets! link is on the right - sign the landing page to receive videos and information.

Handlers need a SUNSCREEN that won't break you out?​
We now have OTC **Sun Screen **
*Non-Nano particles*
this means the sun screen stays on top of your skin protecting you instead of absorbing into the skin and potentially causing skin irritation or breakouts. Chinese Hairless Crested folks may want to give this a try!

We now have OTC **Insect Repellent**
Great for repelling pests and DEET FREE! More effective than the leading commercial brand and safer for your body to absorb. EPA approved. Can use on the dogs! mix with water and put in spray bottle.

NEW **LavaDerm After Sun Spray**​
Vegan friendly and free of alcohol, parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, synthetic preservatives, fragrances or colorants. GREAT for minor burns, cuts, scrapes, insect bite relief and other skin irritations. Also good on HOTSPOTS in show coats!

NEW **AminoWise**
If you are on your feet all day- running or working on concrete all day - you may want to try this for support of your muscle and circulatory functions (Pro handlers)!! Good bye Kankels.
This is a powder drink you can blend with water and other YL Vitality Oils and drink all day long - or for those work out kings and queens - drink before during and after your workout for support.

NingXia Red and Nitro !!
Safe to share with the show dogs - great Antioxidant support for our bodies and theirs! Great mode for administering other products to dogs not happy about swallowing pills - they love the taste, just pour on their kibble or meat meals. Great source of ENERGY that wont make you crash later. NingXia Red during the show weekend and Nitro to get you home!

These blends were created for ease in use for our pets. Great for us too but that's just a bonus!  1-2-3 step for wound care with PuriClean, InfectAway and Mendwell. Each can be further diluted with distilled water or carrier oil (V6 from YL is best) and then sprayed on wound area.  Then ParaGize will help deter those nasty tummy parasites and settle tummies after eating "unknowns" etc.  T-Away is wonderful for settling down the troops when storms or extra loud noises upset them - or in hotel rooms when they must be quiet! :o) this blend relaxes EVERYONE! so make sure you set your alarm for the next days shows!

Don't leave home without Thieves Household Cleaner, Laundry detergent, Dishwashing soap, Cough drops and Essential Oil.  I have used the Household Cleaner DILUTED and mixed with the Animal Scents shampoo for a wonderful soothing cleanse when my Ankita's' skin is angry from "no-see-um" bites or reactions. The Clove EO in the cleaner is very soothing to these types of irritations. Careful on open wounds to dilute well - I use this in warm compress for abscess also. Use the cleaner in spray bottle diluted per instructions and clean crates, x'ing areas, carpets from accidents etc. Safe if ingested.
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